Brave Frontier - Update Notes - Thu Aug 27 2015

Published on August 27, 2015

Official Changelog over here.

New SBS 7* - Aurelia/Hadaron

Evo mats: Mecha God Miracle Totem Elemental Totem Metal Mimic Elemental Bulb

Rare Summon for SBS

Archangel Aurelia

Aurelia Illustration

Aurelia Idle GIF Aurelia Attack GIF

  • Hits/DC: 12/2
  • Cost: 40
  • Stats (L): 7125 HP / 2165 ATK / 2290 DEF / 2540 REC
  • Imps: 1100 HP / 440 ATK / 440 DEF / 440 REC
  • LS: Invalidate Status Ailments, +40% DEF/REC, +25% BC/HC Drop Rate
  • ES: 50% Chance 2-3 BC When Attacked [Equip Harp of Aurelia], +40% DEF/REC [Equip Harp of Aurelia]
  • BB: Cost: 21BC - Heal 2700-3000 HP (+10% Target REC) for 3 turns, Cure Status/Debuffs, Invalidate Status Ailments for 3 turns, 3 turn DoT Debuff (200% + 100 Flat Atk)
  • SBB: Cost: 26BC/16DC - 16 Hit 500% AoE (ATK+100), Heal 4000-4500 HP (+ 22.5% Healer REC), 3 turn 80% REC->DEF buff, 3 turn 4BC/turn
  • UBB: Cost: 20BC/21DC - 21 Hit 1000% AoE (ATK+100), Heal 98999-99999 HP (+10% Target REC) for 3 turns, 140 turn Angel Idol buff on All Allies (50% Chance to Apply Buff, Revive with 100% HP)
  • ES Sphere: Harp of Aurelia (HP Recovery) - 10-20% HP Drain, Invalidate Status Ailments, 7-15% BB Cashback, 50% Chance for 7 BC when Attacking (100000 Karma, Void Chunk, Stormwing’s Charm)
  • Arena Type: 6
  • Lore: During the dark ages of Athensphere, the war slowly took its toll on the demigods. Having witnessed the endless carnage brought upon her people, Aurelia’s soul wept in silence. Amidst the death and destruction, a dark seed was sown within Aurelia’s bright soul. In time, her grief turned into spite towards the one who began the war. For the first time in her life, Aurelia felt a deep dark passion stirring within her. To end the ravages of war, she had to end the source of it all. With her newfound conviction, Aurelia picked up her harp and poured her soul into the birth of a new tune. A winged spirit emerged from within her, singing softly behind her ears an unholy melody that drained the life-force from anyone who had so successfully earned the ire of the benign demigod.

Deathless Hadaron

Hadaron Illustration

Hadaron Idle GIF Hadaron Attack GIF

  • Hits/DC: 13/2
  • Cost: 40
  • Stats (L): 7035 HP / 2715 ATK / 2250 DEF / 2060 REC
  • Imps: 1100 HP / 440 ATK / 440 DEF / 440 REC
  • LS: 50-450% ATK 50-100% DEF depending on HP lost, +80% ATK, 20% Chance Ignore Def
  • ES: +50% HP [Equip Axe of Hadaron], +75% Crit Damage [Equip Axe of Hadaron]
  • BB: Cost: 25BC/15DC - 15 Hit 350% AoE (ATK+100), 3 turn 25% Poison/Weaken buff, 50% Poison/Curse
  • SBB: Cost: 26BC/34DC - 17 Hit 1000% ST (ATK+100), 2 turn +120% DEF & +60% Crit Chance, 2 turn Stealth buff (+400% ATK & +70% Crit Chance), 1 turn Self +150% Crit Damage
  • UBB: Cost: 26BC/19DC - 19 Hit 2000% AoE (ATK+100), 75% Chance to Inflict -75% ATK &/or -75% DEF for 3 turns, 3 turn 100% Injury/Poison/Sick/Weaken buff, Angel Idol buff to Self
  • Arena Type: 2
  • ES Sphere: Axe of Hadaron (Status Boost) - Crit Damage Immunity, 20-300% ATK 20-100% DEF depending on HP lost, +30% All Weakness Damage (100000 Karma, Void Chunk, Netherhound’s Deceit)
  • Lore: Having lost Athensphere’s undercity to the horde of Hellhounds, Hadaron made the decision to withdraw from the battlefield. Confused as to why and how his friend had succumbed to such madness, Hadaron set off on a mission to find Gazia. During his long journey across the chaos of the Void, he witnessed the atrocities wrought by Gazia. Augmented with the power of the Netherhound, Hadaron developed the Netherhound’s superior stealth and hunting abilities. In time, he discovered that the souls of the beasts infused into the machines still lived on. The Netherhounds somehow looked upon Hadaron as if he was part of their pack. Taking advantage of that flaw, Hadaron established himself as the “Alpha Hound”, proving himself the strongest amongst them by taking down a great many of Gazia’s mechanical beasts. Having subjugated Gazia’s Netherhounds, he used them as his eyes and ears, fighting under the cover of darkness. Hadaron became a dreaded phantom capable of attacking from almost anywhere, rapidly destroying key targets and facilities before vanishing without a trace.

Grand Quest X1 - The Tinkerer’s Deceit

The relics of Athensphere have yielded interesting results. Noel’s thirst for knowledge has the summoner searching for a particular figure in the memory gear…

GQ X1 Label

GQ X1 Map


Draegar Phaeton

Mission Details

  • Objective: Find and rescue Gazia
  • Failure modes: Squad fell in battle, Zedus was knocked out, Ultor was knocked out, Aurelia was knocked out
  • Cost: 200, 2 squads
  • Rewards
    • First quest clear - 1 Gem
    • 30% completion - Burst Emperor
    • 70% completion - Sacred Jewel
    • 100% completion - Stormwing’s Charm (A small gem used to forge Aurelia’s harp), Netherhound’s Deceit (A small gem used to forge Hadaron’s halberd)
    • Beat Triple Threat - 5000 Zel?
    • Clear the way with Ultor - Burst Frog
    • Beat Phaeton - Arton (First Time), 4x ?
    • Beat Draegar - 7500 Zel?
    • Acquired Treasure (Boulevard) - 10000 Zel?


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Brave Frontier - Update Notes - Wed Aug 19 2015

Published on August 19, 2015

New Client Update - 1.3.6

Official Changelog

  • Grand Quest: Palmyna series
  • Stacking BB and UBB effect
    • Effects will be split into BB and UBB tags; that means, BB and UBB effects will stack. SBB falls under BB tag.
  • Overdrive revamp Overdrive will no longer consume a unit’s turn. You will be able to activate Overdrive, use UBB and items on the same turn.
  • UBB new effects on the following units:
    1. Flame Legend Vargas
      • Added effects: Boosts Atk for 3 turns
    2. Light Legend Atro
      • Added effects: Boosts Atk, Def for 3 turns
    3. Thunderbird Sabre Diana
      • Added effects: Boosts BB Atk for 3 turns
    4. Inferno Wings Magnazorda
      • Added effects: Boosts BB gauge for 3 turns
    5. Tundra Scales Zerafalgar
      • Added effects: Doubles Atk Reduction for first turn
  • Dedicated Arena and Friend Squads
    • You will be able to preset a dedicated arena squad and a helper squad to provide a leader unit for your Friends.
    • Dedicated Arena squad only applies to main Arena. For Vortex Arena, current squad will be used to enter.
  • Achievement Points/Merit Points
    • Limit will be raised from 20,000 to 50,000
    • Change on limit of Merit Points that can be traded:
      • Zel/Karma: From 5,000 to 20,000
      • Units: From 50,000 to 99,999
  • Dungeon Keys (Metal, Jewel and Imp Keys)
    • Dungeon Key on-hand limit raised to 50 keys
    • Time Limit after unlocking dungeon with key will be changed from 1 hour to 30 minutes (Including Imp Dungeon)
    • Number of keys that can be received from the Administration Office daily will be doubled.
    • Price for Imp Key in Exchange Hall will be changed from 8000 points to 4000 points. Number of times a player can exchange will be changed from 1 to 2.
    • Price for Metal and Jewel Keys in Exchange Hall has been changed from 500 points to 250 points. Number of times a player can exchange will be changed from 9 to 18.
  • Cutscene Skip function
  • Open the cutscene replay feature in Imperial Library (Imperial Capital Randall)
  • Animation Viewer in Unit Guide
  • User Interface Improvement
  • Bugfixes

Unlisted Changes

  • Send all preferred gifts button added.
  • +10 squad cost.
  • Removal of warnings when fusing fusion fodder and when selling zel fodder.

Translated Unit Names

  • Oracle Knight Ark
  • Ominous Lantern Lumie
  • Vengeance Flail Sylvia
  • Wildfire Lotus Michele
  • Immortal Beast Sargavel
  • Invictus Xeno Melchio
  • Indomitable Flare Griff
  • Indigo Soul Iris
  • Emerald Radiance Libera
  • Roaring Staff Rhoa
  • Virtuous Champion Krantz
  • Sinister Basilisk Kafka

Other Stuff

  • Arton/Emperor/Golden God slot images added. They’ve been added to both slots and SHS.

Emperor Golden God Arton

  • Wulgee map images added.
  • Special Challenges images added.
  • Karma Lv. 4 data added.
  • Beiorg strings added.
  • Elgift ES UP image added.
  • Addition of various spheres/raid items to AS store.
  • Unit rebalancing, now matching JP.
  • Item type changes, now matching JP?

Brave Frontier - Update Notes - Thu Aug 13 2015

Published on August 13, 2015

Official update notes can be found over at the forums.

Water Vortex Arena

Banner Image

Abyssal Wing Sae (5*)


Sae Idle GIF Sae Attack GIF

I can’t believe that I’m pairing up with lowly being like you! Just call me queen and we’re even.

  • Lore (4*): The pint-sized aquatic hybrid from beyond the abyss, overseer of the deepest depths beneath the ocean. Her small stature belies her tyrannical personality, a reuslt of centuries of being alone with nobody but her most loyal servants. Ages of being virtually unmatched in power in her realm spurred her to invade the surface world. Her conquest went on swiftly as nobody took her seriously, but she was eventually defeated when she took on the more powerful gods. Sacrificing a part of her powers and adamantly refusing defeat, she is now doing everything she can to regain her lost glory.
  • Lore (5*): The pint-sized aquatic hybrid from beyond the abyss, overseer of the deepest depths beneath the ocean. Her small stature belies her tyrannical personality, a result of ages of being alone with nobody but her most loyal servants. After her inital, unsuccessful rampage, she quested for venegance in an entire realm completely unknown to her. Through her journey, she slowly began to see the surface world in a different light, although her childish dreams of conquest would not be shaken. Starting to behave more like a true ruler, her powers eventually returned, stronger than ever before.
  • LS: Jellypalooza - 50% boost to Atk & 5% boost to critical hit rate for Water types
  • BB: Artifical Arcadia - 15 combo powerful Water attack on all enemies and great boost to Atk of all Water type units


  • Water Blade - Boosts max HP and Def by 5% & boosts Atk for Water types by 20%
  • Tidal Blade - Boosts max HP and Def by 10% & boosts Atk for Water types by 35%

RS Rate Ups

13th Aug - Oulu/Will/Altri (Prepare for 7*)

Oulu Batch Rate Up Gate Image

Sometime in August - 100% Water

100% Water Gate Image

Level Up Campaign (100 - 150)

Level Reward
104 2 Burst Emperors
108 2 Arton Imps
112 3 Cresent Dews
116 Demon Crown
120 2 Gems
124 3 Burst Emporers
128 3 Arton Imps
132 3 Cresent Dews
136 2 Sphere Frogs
140 3 Gems
145 4 Cresent Dews
150 Malice Jewel

Brave Frontier - Update Notes - Thu Jul 23 2015

Published on July 23, 2015


  • Tridon/Ultor Evo Mat: Mecha God, Miracle Totem, Elemental Totem, Metal Mimic, Elemental Bulb

Herculean Ultor

Ultor 7*

Lord Stats/Imps

HP: 6630 {1100}
Atk: 3025 {440}
Def: 2255 {440}
Rec: 1880 {440}

Hits: 11 / 2 DC
Cost: 40

  • LS: +100% All Weakness Damage, +80% ATK & +50% DEF & +20% Crit

  • ES: Angel Idol Buff when HP below 20%. Recover 100% HP when revived. [Equip Blades of Ultor], +40% ATK/DEF [Equip Blades of Ultor]

  • BB: 16 Hits, 600% ST (ATK+100), 1 turn Taunt buff (+250% DEF), 1 turn DoT Debuff (500% + 100 Flat Atk)
    BC Cost: 26 // Max BC Gen: 32

  • SBB: 20 Hits, 600% AoE (ATK+100), 1 turn Taunt buff (+250% DEF), 1 turn +200% ATK, 3 turn +50% Crit Dmg
    BC Cost: 28 // Max BC Gen: 20

  • UBB: 3 Hits, 1200% AoE (ATK+100), 3 turn +300% Crit Dmg, 3 turn +300% ATK/DEF/REC/Crit to Self, Reduce Damage 75% for 1 turn
    BC Cost: 28 // Max BC Gen: 18

  • 7* Lore: Even after the old Gods forsook the demigods, war raged on across the ruins of Athensphere within the Void. When it seemed as if all hope was lost, something stirred Ultor’s soul. With every passing moment, his rage and thirst for battle grew stronger. During a raid on one of Gazia’s secret hideouts, they were ambushed by a massive mechanical titan. A fierce battle ensued, resulting in the decimation of nearly the entire squad. The sight of his fallen men sent Ultor into a blinding rage. At that moment, it was as if Ultor were the manifestation of wrath itself. The soul of a flaming Titan could be seen towering behind Ultor, tearing apart Gazia’s mechanical monstrosity. All that was left in the aftermath was a mountain of scrap metal with a red figure ablaze standing atop it. On that day, a Titan was born.

Neptunian Tridon

Tridon 7*

Lord Stats/Imps

HP: 6945 {1100}
Atk: 2280 {440}
Def: 2465 {440}
Rec: 2310 {440}

Hits: 12 / 2 DC
Cost: 40

  • LS: 10% Dmg Mit, +40% HP & +50% REC & +20% Crit

  • ES: 3 BC/turn [Equip Tridon’s Trident], +40% HP/REC [Equip Tridon’s Trident]

  • BB: 16 Hits, 280% AoE (ATK+100), 2 turn Earth Shield (2500 HP 3000 DEF), Heal 2000-2300 HP (+10% Target REC) for 3 turns
    BC Cost: 33 // Max BC Gen: 16

  • SBB: 20 Hits, 500% AoE (ATK+100), 2 turn Earth Shield (3000 HP 3000 DEF), 2 turn +30% BC/HC Drop Rate Buff, 3 turn +140% DEF
    BC Cost: 26 // Max BC Gen: 20

  • UBB: 25 Hits, 1000% AoE (ATK+100), 2 turn No Element Shield (20000 HP 3500 DEF), 3 turn +50% BB Fill Rate, -80% ATK &/or -80% DEF {30%} for 1 turn
    BC Cost: 30 // Max BC Gen: 25

  • 7* Lore: When the demigods of Athensphere proved to be beyond control, the old Gods cast the entire civilization into the Void, flinging their world into chaos. Cut off from all reinforcements, Gazia deployed a massive mechanical Leviathan to hunt Tridon down while he was vulnerable. The weakened Tridon was swallowed into the belly of the beast, where he became its prisoner and his powers were sealed. Tridon refused to surrender and give up hope, so he bid his time and slowly drained power off the Leviathan. After countless days passed siphoning power from the beast, Tridon unleashed all of the power he had accumulated. From within the Leviathan sprouted a three-headed Hydra made of pure energy. Using his newfound power, Tridon reduced the Leviathan into a mangled heap. Realizing his potential, a spark ignited within Tridon’s soul. He realized that he could end the war…and perhaps lead Athensphere into a new age of glory.


  • Old unit revamp (7 months late). Details can be found on this old Reddit thread.
  • Bestie’s batch has been added.
  • Edea 7* Batch evolutions enabled. Evo Mats: Mecha God, Miracle Totem, Elemental Totem, Metal Mimic, Legend Stone
  • Zenia’s BB: Max BC gen increased from 20 to 40.
  • Zenia/Deimos: All the ES effects now require their sphere.
  • Many Global Exclusives have had their BB timings fixed.


Synced with JP’s revamp

  • Legend Stone - Now stacks to 99.
  • Forgebreaker (Deimos ES sphere) - Stat sphere: +20% All Stats, Fill 2 BC/turn
  • Obsidian Core Amplifier - Stat sphere: +80% ATK, 30% to block 30% damage
  • Dragon Ring - Fixed, now does what it is supposed to do. (50% for 1-2 BC when attacked)
  • Blades of Ultor (Ultor ES sphere) - Stat sphere: +30% ATK/DEF & +10% Crit, +200% Crit Damage
  • Tridon’s Trident (Tridon ES sphere) - Stat sphere: +30% HP/REC & +10% Crit, +10% BC/HC Drop Rate
  • Geldnite Axe - Synced with JP. (50% Crit Multiplier)
  • Luna Laguliz - Synced with JP. (+30% All Stats & +20% Crit)
  • Cure - Synced with JP. Nerfed from 500 to 100-120.
  • Atk/Def Potion - Synced with JP. Increased to 3 turns, max carrying increased to 10.
  • Atk/Def Crystal - Synced with JP. Max carrying increased to 4.
  • Atk/Def Elixir - Synced with JP. Buff turns reduced to 3.
  • Addition of the following spheres:
    • Sky Blade
    • Sky Buckler
    • Sacred Treasure
    • Ruin Lance
    • Havoc Pike
    • Grudge Bow
    • Illusion Gizmo
    • Impiety Orb
    • Fortune Cap
    • Violet Pearl
    • Supreme Robe
    • Potent Stone
    • Sacred Axe
    • Golem Core
    • Baron Shield
    • Evil Katana
    • Revelation Book
    • Phoenix Crown
    • Sacred Crystal
    • Lem Gem
    • Eshuon
    • Four Bonds
    • Piany Flower
    • Phantom Gizmo
  • Addition of the following consumables:
    • Sacred Light
    • Nullifier
  • Addition of the following mats:
    • Void Chunk Chunk
    • Obsidian Quartz Quartz
    • Plasma Fragment Fragment
    • SBS ES Sphere Mats: Fire Mat Water Mat Earth Mat Thunder Mat Light Mat Dark Mat

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Brave Frontier - Update Notes - Tue Jul 21 2015 | 1.3.4 Client Update | Ultor/Tridon 7* | New Exclusive Units (Raid X2) | Bestie Batch

Published on July 21, 2015

Waiting for patch/maintanence for more details.

Exclusive Unit RS

RS Gate Image

1.3.4 Client New Features

  • Ability to set dedicated arena squads.
  • Multiple slots per try.
  • Frontier Gate.

Tridon/Ultor stats are pre-release and may change before release.

Tridon 7*

Tridon 7*

  • Hits/DC: 12/2 (140% Dmg)
  • Cost: 40
  • Stats (L): 6945 HP / 2280 ATK / 2465 DEF / 2310 REC
  • Imps: 1100 HP / 440 ATK / 440 DEF / 440 REC
  • LS: 10% Dmg Mit, +50% HP/REC & +20% Crit
  • ES:
  • BB: Cost: 33BC/16DC - 16 Hit 280% AoE (ATK+100), 2 turn Earth Shield (2500 HP 3000 DEF), Heal 2000-2300 HP (+10% Target REC) for 3 turns
  • SBB: Cost: 26BC/18DC - 18 Hit 500% AoE (ATK+100), 2 turn Earth Shield (3000 HP 3000 DEF), 3 turn +140% DEF, 2 turn +20% BC/HC Drop Rate
  • UBB: Cost: 25BC/18DC - 3 Hit 1000% AoE (ATK+100), 2 turn Shield (20000 HP 3500 DEF), 3 turn +300% ATK/DEF/REC/Crit (Self)

  • Due to timing issues, none of the BB buffs apply on attack.

Ultor 7*

Ultor 7*

  • Hits/DC: 11/2
  • Cost: 40
  • Stats (L): 6630 HP / 3025 ATK / 2255 DEF / 1880 REC
  • Imps: 1100 HP / 440 ATK / 440 DEF / 440 REC
  • LS: +80% ATK, +50% DEF, +20% Crit, +100% All Weakness Damage
  • ES: +30% All Stats
  • BB: Cost: 26BC/16DC - 16 Hit 600% ST (ATK+100), 1 Turn Taunt Buff (+250% DEF), 1 turn DoT Debuff (500% + 100 Flat Atk)
  • SBB: Cost: 27BC/20DC - 20 Hit 600% AoE (ATK+100), 1 Turn Taunt Buff (+250% DEF), 1 turn +200% ATK
  • UBB: Cost: 28BC/18DC - 3 Hit 1200% AoE (ATK+100), 3 turn +300% Crit, 3 turn +300% ATK/DEF/REC/Crit (Self), Reduce Damage 50% for 3 turn

  • Due to timing issues, none of the BB buffs apply on attack.

Deimos Thunderborn

Deimos 6* Deimos 7*

  • Hits/DC: 12/3
  • Cost: 40
  • Stats (L): 6830 HP / 2385 ATK / 2615 DEF / 1825 REC
  • Imps: 1100 HP / 440 ATK / 440 DEF / 440 REC
  • LS: +40% HP, Invalidate Status Ailments, 3-5 BC when hit
  • ES: 100% Base/Buffed Element Weakness Resist, +40% HP/DEF [Equip Forgebreaker]
  • BB: Cost: 23BC/14DC - 14 Hit 280% AoE (ATK+100), 1 Turn Taunt Buff (+250% DEF)
  • SBB: Cost: 27BC/16DC - 16 Hit 500% AoE (ATK+100), 1 Turn Taunt Buff (+250% DEF), 3 turn +100% ATK/DEF/REC
  • UBB: Cost: 25BC/18DC - Dmg% 102 - 18 Hit 1000% AoE (ATK+100), Reduce Damage 50% for 3 turn, Fill 500 BC, 3 turn +200% ATK/DEF/REC

  • Evo Mat (5 to 6): Miracle Totem, Thunder Totem, Thunder Bulb, Thunder Pot, Dragon Mimic
  • Evo Mat (6 to 7): Thunder Mecha God, Miracle Totem, Thunder Totem, Thunder Bulb, Metal Mimic

  • Forgebreaker: Using techniques developed by the Master Smiths of Athensphere, an incredibly dense ore of unkown origins was forged into a massive warhammer. The process was said to have been so intense that the Scared Forge was left in a state beyond repair, thus its name Forgebreaker. Forgebreaker was gifted to Deimos by Zedus, inrecognition of his unrivalled strength and pledge of loyalty. Every blow from Forgehammer sounded like a massive clap of thunder, shattering the ground in its immediate vicinity. It is rumored that the ore was obtained from the Void itself and within it houses an unimmaginable amount of raw energy. The mysterious energy from the warhammer is believed to grant its bearer extraordinary stamina, allowing Deimos to fight for days on end.

  • 7* Lore: Like Zedus, the leader of the demigods, Deimos had a strong affinity to the element of Thunder. Deimos’s massive figure towered over the battlefield, and his very presence alone bolstered the morale of Zedus’s men. He also favored fighting deep within enemy ranks alone, where he could unleash his full strength with minimal collateral damage. Every blow from Forgebreaker onto the ground sounded like the clap of thunder, shattering the earth beneath his feet. In time, Deimos’s legendary feats on the battlefield made him a high priority target. His very presence was a big enough threat that it drew the attention of enemy forces away from his allies and onto him. When word of Gazia’s attempt to create a gate to escape the void reached his ears, he lead a small strike team toward the site. What became of him thereafter remains unknown.

Obsidian Seraph Zenia

Zenia 6* Zenia 7*

  • Hits/DC: 13/3
  • Cost: 40
  • Stats (L): 6450 HP / 2800 ATK / 2100 DEF / 2100 REC
  • Imps: 1000 HP / 520 ATK / 440 DEF / 400 REC
  • LS: +150% BB/SBB/UBB Mod, +80% ATK, 1-2 BC On Spark
  • ES: Hit Count +1, +20% All Stats [Equip Obsidian Core Amplifier]
  • BB: Cost: 20BC/20DC - 20 Hit 560% ST (ATK+100), Fill 9 BC, 2 turn Def Ignore Buff
  • SBB: Cost: 26BC/24DC - 24 Hit 620% AoE (ATK+100), 3 turn +80% Spark Dmg, 3 turn +200% BB/SBB/UBB Mod
  • UBB: Cost: 25BC/30DC - 30 Hit 1200% AoE (ATK+100), 3 turn +250% ATK, 2 turn +500% BB/SBB/UBB Mod, 3 turn Hit Count +2 buff

  • Evo Mat (5 to 6): Miracle Totem, Dark Totem, Dark Bulb, Dark Pot, Dragon Mimic
  • Evo Mat (6 to 7): Dark Mecha God, Miracle Totem, Dark Totem, Dark Bulb, Metal Mimic

  • Obsidian Core Amplifier: A small jet black sphere no bigger than the fist of young child retrieved from the site of the void rift. The occasional flash of purple light from the sphere reveals a highly intricate network of lines carved underneath its smooth surface. Gazia created this power amplifier to boost Zenia’s abilities exponentially. It was specifically designed to forcefully “awaken” Zenia’s potential at manipulating the gates across worlds. With the power amplifier activated, it grants it’s bearer unmatched physical capabilities, at the risk of damaging one’s own body permernantly.

  • 7* Lore: A cyborg designed for assassination created by the mad demigod Gazia. After untold centuries of research and modifications, Gazia finally found a way to put Zenia under his control. He had a massive facility especially constructed to seal Zenia within, but that was only the facility’s secondary purpose. It’s main purpose was actually to serve as an energy conduit that could channel the energies of the void into Zenia, amplifying her powers exponentially. With the Conduit funneling an immense amount of energy into her, Zenia tore open a rift in the Void. But in the process, the artificial intelligence system that had overridden Zenia’s control over her own body malfunctioned under the immense energy load. Zenia then unleashed an attack so powerful that it broke the land into several pieces before using the last of her strength to shift the Conduit out of the Void, and beyond the reach of Gazia and his mechanical army.

Bestie Batch

Translated Names (7*)

  • Inferno Rifle Bestie
  • Lance Champion Vernil
  • Feral Katana Toutetsu
  • Dragon Scroll Kagura
  • Turbo Wings Nemethgear
  • Hellion Armor Wraith

Old Unit Revamp (After Maintanence)

A long overdue update (JP has had this since 17th November 2014). Details can be found on this old Reddit thread.