23 July 2015


  • Tridon/Ultor Evo Mat: Mecha God, Miracle Totem, Elemental Totem, Metal Mimic, Elemental Bulb

Herculean Ultor

Ultor 7*

Lord Stats/Imps

HP: 6630 {1100}
Atk: 3025 {440}
Def: 2255 {440}
Rec: 1880 {440}

Hits: 11 / 2 DC
Cost: 40

  • LS: +100% All Weakness Damage, +80% ATK & +50% DEF & +20% Crit

  • ES: Angel Idol Buff when HP below 20%. Recover 100% HP when revived. [Equip Blades of Ultor], +40% ATK/DEF [Equip Blades of Ultor]

  • BB: 16 Hits, 600% ST (ATK+100), 1 turn Taunt buff (+250% DEF), 1 turn DoT Debuff (500% + 100 Flat Atk)
    BC Cost: 26 // Max BC Gen: 32

  • SBB: 20 Hits, 600% AoE (ATK+100), 1 turn Taunt buff (+250% DEF), 1 turn +200% ATK, 3 turn +50% Crit Dmg
    BC Cost: 28 // Max BC Gen: 20

  • UBB: 3 Hits, 1200% AoE (ATK+100), 3 turn +300% Crit Dmg, 3 turn +300% ATK/DEF/REC/Crit to Self, Reduce Damage 75% for 1 turn
    BC Cost: 28 // Max BC Gen: 18

  • 7* Lore: Even after the old Gods forsook the demigods, war raged on across the ruins of Athensphere within the Void. When it seemed as if all hope was lost, something stirred Ultor’s soul. With every passing moment, his rage and thirst for battle grew stronger. During a raid on one of Gazia’s secret hideouts, they were ambushed by a massive mechanical titan. A fierce battle ensued, resulting in the decimation of nearly the entire squad. The sight of his fallen men sent Ultor into a blinding rage. At that moment, it was as if Ultor were the manifestation of wrath itself. The soul of a flaming Titan could be seen towering behind Ultor, tearing apart Gazia’s mechanical monstrosity. All that was left in the aftermath was a mountain of scrap metal with a red figure ablaze standing atop it. On that day, a Titan was born.

Neptunian Tridon

Tridon 7*

Lord Stats/Imps

HP: 6945 {1100}
Atk: 2280 {440}
Def: 2465 {440}
Rec: 2310 {440}

Hits: 12 / 2 DC
Cost: 40

  • LS: 10% Dmg Mit, +40% HP & +50% REC & +20% Crit

  • ES: 3 BC/turn [Equip Tridon’s Trident], +40% HP/REC [Equip Tridon’s Trident]

  • BB: 16 Hits, 280% AoE (ATK+100), 2 turn Earth Shield (2500 HP 3000 DEF), Heal 2000-2300 HP (+10% Target REC) for 3 turns
    BC Cost: 33 // Max BC Gen: 16

  • SBB: 20 Hits, 500% AoE (ATK+100), 2 turn Earth Shield (3000 HP 3000 DEF), 2 turn +30% BC/HC Drop Rate Buff, 3 turn +140% DEF
    BC Cost: 26 // Max BC Gen: 20

  • UBB: 25 Hits, 1000% AoE (ATK+100), 2 turn No Element Shield (20000 HP 3500 DEF), 3 turn +50% BB Fill Rate, -80% ATK &/or -80% DEF {30%} for 1 turn
    BC Cost: 30 // Max BC Gen: 25

  • 7* Lore: When the demigods of Athensphere proved to be beyond control, the old Gods cast the entire civilization into the Void, flinging their world into chaos. Cut off from all reinforcements, Gazia deployed a massive mechanical Leviathan to hunt Tridon down while he was vulnerable. The weakened Tridon was swallowed into the belly of the beast, where he became its prisoner and his powers were sealed. Tridon refused to surrender and give up hope, so he bid his time and slowly drained power off the Leviathan. After countless days passed siphoning power from the beast, Tridon unleashed all of the power he had accumulated. From within the Leviathan sprouted a three-headed Hydra made of pure energy. Using his newfound power, Tridon reduced the Leviathan into a mangled heap. Realizing his potential, a spark ignited within Tridon’s soul. He realized that he could end the war…and perhaps lead Athensphere into a new age of glory.


  • Old unit revamp (7 months late). Details can be found on this old Reddit thread.
  • Bestie’s batch has been added.
  • Edea 7* Batch evolutions enabled. Evo Mats: Mecha God, Miracle Totem, Elemental Totem, Metal Mimic, Legend Stone
  • Zenia’s BB: Max BC gen increased from 20 to 40.
  • Zenia/Deimos: All the ES effects now require their sphere.
  • Many Global Exclusives have had their BB timings fixed.


Synced with JP’s revamp

  • Legend Stone - Now stacks to 99.
  • Forgebreaker (Deimos ES sphere) - Stat sphere: +20% All Stats, Fill 2 BC/turn
  • Obsidian Core Amplifier - Stat sphere: +80% ATK, 30% to block 30% damage
  • Dragon Ring - Fixed, now does what it is supposed to do. (50% for 1-2 BC when attacked)
  • Blades of Ultor (Ultor ES sphere) - Stat sphere: +30% ATK/DEF & +10% Crit, +200% Crit Damage
  • Tridon’s Trident (Tridon ES sphere) - Stat sphere: +30% HP/REC & +10% Crit, +10% BC/HC Drop Rate
  • Geldnite Axe - Synced with JP. (50% Crit Multiplier)
  • Luna Laguliz - Synced with JP. (+30% All Stats & +20% Crit)
  • Cure - Synced with JP. Nerfed from 500 to 100-120.
  • Atk/Def Potion - Synced with JP. Increased to 3 turns, max carrying increased to 10.
  • Atk/Def Crystal - Synced with JP. Max carrying increased to 4.
  • Atk/Def Elixir - Synced with JP. Buff turns reduced to 3.
  • Addition of the following spheres:
    • Sky Blade
    • Sky Buckler
    • Sacred Treasure
    • Ruin Lance
    • Havoc Pike
    • Grudge Bow
    • Illusion Gizmo
    • Impiety Orb
    • Fortune Cap
    • Violet Pearl
    • Supreme Robe
    • Potent Stone
    • Sacred Axe
    • Golem Core
    • Baron Shield
    • Evil Katana
    • Revelation Book
    • Phoenix Crown
    • Sacred Crystal
    • Lem Gem
    • Eshuon
    • Four Bonds
    • Piany Flower
    • Phantom Gizmo
  • Addition of the following consumables:
    • Sacred Light
    • Nullifier
  • Addition of the following mats:
    • Void Chunk Chunk
    • Obsidian Quartz Quartz
    • Plasma Fragment Fragment
    • SBS ES Sphere Mats: Fire Mat Water Mat Earth Mat Thunder Mat Light Mat Dark Mat

Raid X2


Centurion Phaeton


BG # 1 BG # 2


Map # 1 Map # 2 Map # 3 Map # 4 Map # 5 Map # 6 Map # 7 Map # 8



  • An Ancient Land - Mission orders from Akras Summoners’ Hall: Investigate site of incident. We have detected a massive tear to the void rifts of the vortex. According to the reports, a massive piece of land, big enough to fit Randall several times over, fell out of it into the sea. The mysterious appearance of the floating land masses and the giant rift tear poses a threat to the stability and safety of the region. All abled Summoners are to investigate, pinpoint the cause and close the rift.
    • Min 1 medal
    • Dalmogia (Frozen Pelt, Water Eye, Smooth Stone) & Meru-Meru (Meru Nut, Fairy Fruit, Earth Eye, Brown Drop, Green Drop, Red Drop)
  • War Never Ends - Mission orders from Akras Summoners’ Hall: Neutralize Enemy Threat. Scouts have reported an incredibly powerful being in battle and fending off our strongest veterans. We’ve called for a temporary retreat as he seems more intent on searching for something rather than fighting. His comrades however, are only interested in decimating our ranks. Eliminate them before they turn their attention outside.
    • Min 1 medal
    • Van Lucy (Fallen Eye, Ruin Tear, Light Eye) & Van Nader (Wicked Hand, Wicked Eye, Wicked Tear) & Phaeton (Spirit Eye, Light Eye, God Stone, Queen Jewel, Fujin Eye)
  • Get to the Gate! - Mission orders from Akras Summoners’ Hall: Investigate site of incident. We sent out a squad of rookie summoners to gather intel nearby but they got it in their heads to try and see what’s above. Now they’re trapped behind enemy lines with casualties and Medronomus hunting them. Clear the way for them and get them back safely.
    • Min 1 medal.
    • Medronomus


  • A Chance Encounter - Mission orders from Deimos: Search ruins for source of energy. Energy levels are spiking in location but the entrance is being shielded and channelled somewhere else. We have to take out whatever is guarding it and find the source of this huge energy spike. Hopefully we might find the answers we seek.
    • Min 2 medals.
    • Reduhark (Dark Claw, Dark Stone, Dark Pelt, Dark Eye, Rhau Feather, Yomi Feather) & Zenia (Gold Drop)
  • What Lies Above - Mission orders from Deimos: Clear the way to the surface. We need to move up. The tunnel is being guarded by a fearsome beast tethe by Gazia. Preventing any rebels from reaching Acropolis and joining the fight. It has caused the deaths of many of my fellow brothers and sisters. Take it down and avenge them.
    • Min 2 medals.
    • Laguna Rex (Timber Nut, Shiny Nut, Water Eye, Red Drop, Heth Feather, Musa Feather)


  • The Land of Demi-Gods - Mission orders from Deimos: Secure a camp for rebel . The rebels have been losing the fight while I was down below. They’ve withdrawn back into the forest and have been waging guerrilla warfare on Gazia’s troops. Now that I’m back with reinforcements we need to take back lost ground and secure a foothold.
    • Min 4 medals.
    • Bruzebia (Thunder Bone, Thunder Eye, Hard Bone, Giant Pelt) & Nalda Delia (Ominous Eye, Disaster Eye, Calamity Eye, Earth Eye, Gospel Stone, Doom Jewel, Rouge Stone, Purple Drop, Gold Drop)
  • Uprising - Mission orders from Deimos: Emancipate Acropolis. We’ve got them on the run. I confess I was sceptical at first but looks like this summoners’ hall of yours aren’t that bad after all. With your help we might be able to cut a path through the city and reach the source of the tear. First things first, we need to take out the lieutenants coordinating the defence line.
    • Min 4 medals.
    • Claudalus (Blaze Pelt, Giant Claw, Flame Jewel, Demon Claw, Musa Feather) & Melion (Spirit Eye, Light Eye, Fujin Eye, Queen Jewel, God Stone) & Phaeton (Daze Claw, Lost Claw, Thunder Eye, Holy Light, Gold Drop)


  • Memoirs of a Valkyrie - Mission orders from Zenia. This one remembers this land when it was a shining beacon of light, a symbol of peace and all we worked to achieved. It was a beautiful sight to behold. It pains this one to see it in flames and ruin now. The meadows and streets this one used to play in are now overrun by monsters, both humanoid and otherwise. Will you aid this one in ousting Gazia’s minions from my home?
    • Min 7 medals.
    • Golvorg (Shock Pelt, Shock Claw, Shock Heart, Thunder Eye) & Grudkia (Fiend Claw, Fiend Pelt, Fire Eye, Gold Drop, Sprint Stone, Water Eye, Gospel Stone, Earth Eye, Holy Light, Fiend Jewel) & Balmedia (Ruling Fang, Fire Eye, Hard Bone, Shock Mane, God Stone, Thunder Eye, Blaze Pearl, Mimic Bug)
  • Exodus - Mission orders from Deimos: Close the rift. This is it. We need to take out the Rift Conflux that’s keeping the rift open. We can’t let Gazia and his army reach El Gaia. The Centurion, my old lost comrade, stands in our way and will not be persuaded otherwise. It is time we met for the very last time.
    • Min 7 medals.
    • Centurion (Frozen Pelt, Tragedy Drop, Void Chunk, Solid Flame, Cataract Ore, Fire Eye, Holy Light)
  • Who Let the Bulbs Out? (unlocked by Exodus) - Mission orders from Athensphere Physician: Bulb Hunting. With the war raging on, the local wild bulbs have not been kept in check and have been multiplying like crazy! They eat what little crops we have left and causing a huge nuisance! The good thing is they are a remedy for many illnesses and a plethora of other uses so hunting them will kill two harpies with one stone!
    • Min 5 medals.
    • Miracle Bulbs
  • Relics of a Forgotten Era (unlocked by Exodus) - Mission orders from Noel: Retrieve Relics. I’ve been poring over some of the tomes left here in the libraries. Interesting stories, indeed. Seems the previous warriors of Athensphere had, at one time, some interesting toys. I think it could be a great boon for my research. You should look into retrieving it. Who knows? You might find something worth your while.
    • Min 5 medals.
    • Centurion (Frozen Pelt, Tragedy Drop, Holy Light, Solid Flame, Cataract Ore, Fire Eye) and Mistzug (Daze Claw, Lost Claw, Thunder Eye, Holy Light, Gold Drop, Forge Stone, Angel Tear, Ghost Jewel, Phantom Eye, Grief Eye)


  • Forgebreaker - 100000 Karma, 1x Plasma Fragment [X2 Clear Reward], 1x Void Chunk [Dropped from RC4 X2 Exodus]
  • Obsidian Core Amplifier - 100000 Karma, 1x Obsidian Quartz [X2 Clear Reward], 1x Void Chunk [Dropped from RC4 X2 Exodus]
  • Blades of Ultor - 100000 Karma, 1x Cyclaw’s Rage, 1x Void Chunk [Dropped from RC4 X2 Exodus]
  • Tridon’s Trident - 100000 Karma, 1x Hydraloid’s Wrath, 1x Void Chunk [Dropped from RC4 X2 Exodus]