19 August 2015

New Client Update - 1.3.6

Official Changelog

  • Grand Quest: Palmyna series
  • Stacking BB and UBB effect
    • Effects will be split into BB and UBB tags; that means, BB and UBB effects will stack. SBB falls under BB tag.
  • Overdrive revamp Overdrive will no longer consume a unit’s turn. You will be able to activate Overdrive, use UBB and items on the same turn.
  • UBB new effects on the following units:
    1. Flame Legend Vargas
      • Added effects: Boosts Atk for 3 turns
    2. Light Legend Atro
      • Added effects: Boosts Atk, Def for 3 turns
    3. Thunderbird Sabre Diana
      • Added effects: Boosts BB Atk for 3 turns
    4. Inferno Wings Magnazorda
      • Added effects: Boosts BB gauge for 3 turns
    5. Tundra Scales Zerafalgar
      • Added effects: Doubles Atk Reduction for first turn
  • Dedicated Arena and Friend Squads
    • You will be able to preset a dedicated arena squad and a helper squad to provide a leader unit for your Friends.
    • Dedicated Arena squad only applies to main Arena. For Vortex Arena, current squad will be used to enter.
  • Achievement Points/Merit Points
    • Limit will be raised from 20,000 to 50,000
    • Change on limit of Merit Points that can be traded:
      • Zel/Karma: From 5,000 to 20,000
      • Units: From 50,000 to 99,999
  • Dungeon Keys (Metal, Jewel and Imp Keys)
    • Dungeon Key on-hand limit raised to 50 keys
    • Time Limit after unlocking dungeon with key will be changed from 1 hour to 30 minutes (Including Imp Dungeon)
    • Number of keys that can be received from the Administration Office daily will be doubled.
    • Price for Imp Key in Exchange Hall will be changed from 8000 points to 4000 points. Number of times a player can exchange will be changed from 1 to 2.
    • Price for Metal and Jewel Keys in Exchange Hall has been changed from 500 points to 250 points. Number of times a player can exchange will be changed from 9 to 18.
  • Cutscene Skip function
  • Open the cutscene replay feature in Imperial Library (Imperial Capital Randall)
  • Animation Viewer in Unit Guide
  • User Interface Improvement
  • Bugfixes

Unlisted Changes

  • Send all preferred gifts button added.
  • +10 squad cost.
  • Removal of warnings when fusing fusion fodder and when selling zel fodder.

Translated Unit Names

  • Oracle Knight Ark
  • Ominous Lantern Lumie
  • Vengeance Flail Sylvia
  • Wildfire Lotus Michele
  • Immortal Beast Sargavel
  • Invictus Xeno Melchio
  • Indomitable Flare Griff
  • Indigo Soul Iris
  • Emerald Radiance Libera
  • Roaring Staff Rhoa
  • Virtuous Champion Krantz
  • Sinister Basilisk Kafka

Other Stuff

  • Arton/Emperor/Golden God slot images added. They’ve been added to both slots and SHS.

Emperor Golden God Arton

  • Wulgee map images added.
  • Special Challenges images added.
  • Karma Lv. 4 data added.
  • Beiorg strings added.
  • Elgift ES UP image added.
  • Addition of various spheres/raid items to AS store.
  • Unit rebalancing, now matching JP.
  • Item type changes, now matching JP?