Brave Frontier - Patch 1.3.2 Known Issues

Published on May 29, 2015

REP_INFO error screenshot

  • REP_INFO popups during battle start/game start.
    • Does not impact game.
    • No known fix.

Version update error screenshot

  • New version update error.
    • Game is forced to restart after every action.
    • Cause: Game client reports junk version data to the server.
    • Fix: Reinstalls may solve the issue.
  • Friends’ last login date show 999d.
  • Auto Battle settings are not saved.

Info_3 have a error

  • “Info_3 have a error” error when starting battles.
    • Game proceeds to quit.
    • Restart game, no progress lost.
    • No known fix.


  • Arena Random Rule setting is not applied.
    • Rules are applied randomly and not all matches will have a random rule active.

Brave Frontier - Update Notes - Thu May 28 2015 | 1.3.2

Published on May 28, 2015

Client Update - 1.3.2

Updates are now available on Google Play, Amazon Appstore and Apple App Store.

Official Client Changelog

  • Auto Battle improvement
  • Mega Parades
  • Bugfixes
  • iOS: Support for 64-bit devices

Official Content Changelog

  • New Map: Bariura
  • New Arena Rank & Random Rule
  • Grand Gaia Chronicles: Kikuri & Sefia
    • Blades & Blossom
  • Metal Parade
    • Super Metal Parade: Minimum King
    • Mega Metal Parade: Minimum God
  • Jewel Parade
    • Super Jewel Parade: Minimum king
    • Mega Jewel Parade: Minimum god
  • Imp Parade

New Map: Bariura

Name Image Map Image

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Brave Frontier - Update Notes - Mon May 25 2015 | Aaron Batch - First Half

Published on May 25, 2015

New Rare Summons/Rate Ups - Zerafalgar, Oguro, Aaron

Gate Image

Release time: 25th May, 0700 PST

Brave Frontier - Update Notes - Mon May 22 2015 | Aurelia - SBS Light Unit

Published on May 22, 2015

New SBS Light Unit - Statuesque Aurelia

6* Illustration

  • Stats (L): 6535 HP / 1725 ATK / 1930 DEF / 2095 REC, Imps: 750 HP / 300 ATK / 300 DEF / 300 REC
  • LS: Negates all status ailments, 20% boost to max Def and Rec for all Units & boost to HC and BC drop rate (20%)
  • BB (21 cost): Gradually recovers HP for 3 turns (1800-2100 +10% rec) & all status ailments removed and negated for 3 turns
  • SBB (26 cost): 14 combo powerful Light attack on all enemies (450% + 100 flat), greatly recovers HP (4000-4500 + 22.5% REC) & boosts Def relative to Rec for all allies (70%) (14 bc gen)
  • Aurelia of the Light, as some called her. A demi-god born on the first light of the first day. Aurelia encompassed the kindness and humanity that Athensphere so sorely needed. There were those who wielded power, might, and intellect for the sake of the lands, but she held a gentleness that charmed every warrior’s soul, bringing them in touch with their own humanity. She was the ‘mother’ that all young-demi-gods went to in times of need for comfort and advice. Seeing no end to the incoming hoards of the Iron Army, Aurelia bound the wings of a Stormwing to herself in desperation. With her newfound power and the gift of flight, she was able to traverse long distances rapidly. Her tireless devotion saved the lives of many during the war. It is said that Aurelia was held in such high regard by the demi-gods, that they looked upon her as their savior and second leader in command.

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Brave Frontier - Update Notes - Tue May 19 2015 | FH14

Published on May 19, 2015

FH14 - Starts 5/19/2015 2:00:00 AM PST

  • Eriole (unit data added.)
  • Bonnie/Carrol 6* released. Evo mats: Miracle Totem, Thunder/Light Totem, Dark/Water Bulb, Fire/Earth Bulb, Metal Mimic
  • Imp key image added. UI elements for Mega Parade (untranslated).
  • Sefia/Kikuri 7* unit images + dungeon banner (untranslated).
  • Bariura images.
  • More GQ stuff.
  • More AS stuff.
  • Aron batch images.
  • Arena revamp UI elements (untranslated)
  • FH14 stuff.
  • HR40 sphere: Eternal Armor: 50% boost to max HP, boosts efficacy and drop rate of HC & recovers HP every turn
  • Michele GGC.
  • Lugina GQ text data.