29 May 2015

REP_INFO error screenshot

  • REP_INFO popups during battle start/game start.
    • Does not impact game.
    • No known fix.

Version update error screenshot

  • New version update error.
    • Game is forced to restart after every action.
    • Cause: Game client reports junk version data to the server.
    • Fix: Reinstalls may solve the issue.
  • Friends’ last login date show 999d.
  • Auto Battle settings are not saved.

Info_3 have a error

  • “Info_3 have a error” error when starting battles.
    • Game proceeds to quit.
    • Restart game, no progress lost.
    • No known fix.


  • Arena Random Rule setting is not applied.
    • Rules are applied randomly and not all matches will have a random rule active.