22 December 2015

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RS Events

Special Summon!

From 23 Dec, 07:00 PST ~ 30 Dec, 06:59 PST, enjoy SPECIAL SUMMON Minimum 5 stars and unlock ONE chance at FROSTY SUMMON for every 5 summons! Get Zeruiah through the Summon Gate for limited time.

Frosty Summon!

From 23 Dec, 7:00 PST ~ 30 Dec, 06:59 PST, enjoy minimum 5 stars and a limited pool of 15 Global Exclusive 7 stars potential units!

Summon now!

New Units: Zeruiah, Piany, Drevas and Reud are available through the Summon Gate. Zeruiah is only available in the Summon Gate for LIMITED TIME.

Enjoy SPECIAL SUMMON for 5 gems!

Christmas Dungeon - Glittering Wintertide

Christmas Dungeon Banner

  • Frozen Dreamland Lv. 2 - In a distant land, bright lights pulsate and melodious songs jingle away.
    • 20 EN, 5 Battles, 1800 XP
  • Frozen Dreamland Lv. 3 - The snowstorm picks up as you trudge your way towards the castle. Curiously, it seems to be nudging you forward.
    • 25 EN, 5 Battles, 2200 XP
  • Frozen Dreamland Lv. 4 - As you approach the artic castle, a shadowy figure watches over you from the top of the tower. What surprises await?.
    • 30 EN, 7 Battles, 2600 XP
    • 1 Gem Clear Bonus

Both Glittering Wintertide and Winter Glades Blitz will be open for 1 week.

Eternal Preserver Zeruiah


Other Illustrations: 5* | 6*

Idle Attack

  • Hits/DC: 10/5
  • Cost: 42
  • Stats (L): 6725 HP / 2510 ATK / 2520 DEF / 2315 REC
  • Imps: 1100 HP / 440 ATK / 440 DEF / 440 REC
  • LS: +12% XP, +24% BC/HC Drop Rate, +7% Item Drop Rate, +15% Karma Drop Rate, +20%% Zel Drop Rate, +60% BB Fill Rate
  • ES: +25% DMG Taken to HP (25% Chance), Reduce DMG 25% (25% Chance)
  • BB: Cost: 25BC/30DC - 30 Hit 300% Earth and Water AoE (ATK+100), 3000-3300 Heal (+31.7% Healer REC), 3 turns +35% BC/HC Drop Rate Buff, Cure Status Ailments
  • SBB: Cost: 40BC/40DC - 40 Hit 540% Earth and Water AoE (ATK+100), Fill Own BB Gauge, 3 turns +35% BC/HC Drop Rate, 3 turns +5% Item Drop Rate, 2 turn All Elements Buff
  • UBB: Cost: 30BC - 3 turns +75% Mitigation, +25% Max HP, 3 turns Convert 100% REC to DEF, 3 turns +100% BC/HC Drop Rate, 3 turns +7% Item Drop Rate
  • Arena Type: 2
  • Evo Mat: (Miracle Totem, 2x Earth Totems, Water Bulb, Earth Bulb) -> (Earth Mecha God, Miracle Totem, Miracle Bulb, Earth Bulb, Legend Stone)
  • 5* Lore: In the snow-bound mountain region of the far North, there exists an impossibly lush and bountiful Vale. Legends tell that in ancient times, a gigantic floating tree drifted in the skies for a hundred years before disappearing. Frozen creeks transformed into flowing rivers, temperate vegetation sprang forth in a mystical miracle. The Vale became a bastion for various wildlife and a host of Fae spirits. The Fae were good-natured, innocent and made the woods ring with merriment everyday. However, a great danger loomed over them in the form of invading goblin hordes that were attracted by the food as well as magical energies of the Vale. The Fae were no match for the savagery of the goblins and were driven back. In their dark hour, they congregated at a massive tree that had sprouted at the center of the Vale and began chanting, thousands of voices soared in harmony. Their myriad of wills and desires for a savior and guardian culminated in a blinding pillar of turquoise light that sundered the clouds high above. The final manifestation of this bewitching event was a mythical deity brought to life. She was known as Zeruiah and all Fae unanimously bowed before her.
  • 6* Lore: Zeruiah was one with the Vale. With the Fae rallied behind, the deity turned wildlife, plants and the very elements against the goblin invaders. Trees uprooted into towering treants that smashed the puny humanoids by the dozens. Stags and boars charged and impaled any greenskins that survived the onslaught of mighty Earth and Water elementals. In one fell swoop, the goblin swarm was defeated and routed out of the Vale. Drawing on her divine powers, Zeruiah erected wards and summoned raging blizzards that would keep out evil monsters. For countless millennia, the Vale flourished and expanded under the protection and rule of Zeruiah. The Fae channeled and constructed majestic Vaults in which they stored all sorts of treasures, tomes and artifacts collected or crafted over the ages. Knowledge of these Vaults gradually leaked to the world outside and many civilizations sought to gain entry into the Vale, fueled by greed and curiosity. From historical records, none made it in.
  • 7* Lore: An Eternal Preserver of all the treasures and knowledge of the Vale in the far North, summoned at the behest of the Fae to rule over and protect the land. One day, Zeruiah discovered that a small girl had somehow gotten pass the wards and gained access to the Vale. After observing the girl for days, Zeruiah grew fascinated at how such a young human was able to command the snow and ice. The Fae and animals initially assisted the girl with sustenance at Zeruiah’s command, but eventually she was brought into the heart of the Vale. Despite her mistrust of humans, Zeruiah grew to love the girl, training and watching her grow up. Through this encounter, Zeruiah saw that not all humans were evil, and began opening up the Vale to druid tribes and scholars sent by Human kingdoms once every year - marked by a Fae festival called Hanukkah.

Frozen Fantasy

Frozen Fantasy Thumbnail

Long deemed unconquerable by mere mortals. The stone was lost to the deep wintertide. In one of the coldest winters known to date, it was discovered by a duo who came across it in a forgotten cave, as if being called out by it. Both were immediately ensnared by its power and a great battle for ownership ensued. In the morning, only one walked out of the cave. The direction taken, however, was not towards home but deeper into the wintertide.

  • Status Boost
  • +30% HP/ATK, +40% DEF/REC, 75% Chance +3-6 BC when Attacked
  • Recipe:
    • Frozen Myth
    • 99 Snow Flakes
    • 65 Snow Crystals
    • 60 Snow Gemstones
    • 80 Miracle Frosts

Grandt and Elaina Buffs


  • Normal hit DC increased from 3 to 8 (Max BC Gen from 12 to 32).
  • BB - Max BC Gen increased from 12 to 48.
  • SBB - ATK Down chance increased from 30% to 50%.
  • SBB - HP% to ATK conversion increased from 10% to 15%.
  • UBB - ATK Down increased from -50% to -75%.


  • Normal hit DC increased from 1 to 2 (Max BC Gen from 10 to 20).
  • BB - BB Fill/turn increased from 4 to 6.
  • SBB - BB Fill/turn increased from 5 to 6.
  • UBB - Attacks are now 1 frame faster to activate.