25 November 2015

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Raid X3 Part 1

Rare Summon

Rare Summon Gate


Infernal Ravager Korzan


Idle Attack

  • Hits/DC: 13/3
  • Cost: 42
  • Stats (L): 6973 HP / 3101 ATK / 2357 DEF / 1901 REC
  • Imps: 1000 HP / 600 ATK / 400 DEF / 300 REC
  • LS: +40% ATK/HP, +175% Crit Dmg, 3-6 BC when Attacked, +50% ATK when BB Gauge Full
  • ES: Negate Elemental Weakness, +200% BB Mod
  • BB: Cost: 26BC/16DC - 16 Hit 250-500% based on HP lost AoE (ATK+100), 2 turns Def Ignore, 3 turns +150% ATK +60% Crit Chance, 40% BB Fill Self
  • SBB: Cost: 27BC/19DC - 19 Hit 400-800% based on HP lost AoE (ATK+100), 3 turns +75% Crit Dmg, 3 turns convert 20% HP to ATK, +10% Max HP
  • UBB: Cost: 25BC/30DC - 2 Hit 1200-3000% based on HP lost AoE (ATK+100), 3 turns +300% Crit Dmg, 3 turns convert 50% HP to ATK, +100% Max HP Self
  • Arena Type: 3
  • Evo Mat: (Miracle Totem, Fire Totem, 2x Dragon Mimic, Fire Bulb) -> (Fire Mecha God, 2x Miracle Totem, Metal Mimic, Fire Bulb)
  • Lore: A notorious ravager from the world of Eneroth. Years of endless rampaging did not earn him any solace. Despite coming to be feared as one of Eneroth’s mightiest warriors, Korzan’s soul was left as empty as before. Determine to find a new purpose in life, he set off to seek a mysterious band of hunters rumored to consist of both Deva and Morokai. He was convinced that the person capable of uniting the people of two warring nations might be able to provide the answers he sought. Upon arriving at their camp, he discovered that their camp was attacked by a trio of Emperor Devil Scorpions, one of the deadliest beasts to roam the Baldemar Badlands. Following his battle instincts, Korzan jumped into the fray and quickly slayed one of the three scorpions. Ready to take on his next prey, he was stunned to find the other two scorpions defeated. Upon their carcass stood a warrior. On her head were the horns of the Morokai and on her back spanned the unmistakable wings of the Deva. One look into her eyes was enough for Korzan to understand the difference in power between them. He thought to himself that perhaps this person could be the one to help him find his destiny.
  • ES Sphere: Vulcan Axe - Status Boost - +30% ATK/HP/Crit Chance, +50% ATK when BB Gauge Full
    • Sphere Lore: Korzan’s treasured Vulcan Axe is a weapon like no other. Forged from orihalcum, the bone and crystallized heart of an Elder Magma Salamander, the Vulcan Axe was commissioned by Overlord Azurai to celebrate the birth of his son. The soul of the beast lived on within the weapon, but only a warrior worthy of its fiery might could call forth its true power. Although known for their extraordinary strength, the only known Morokai to have ever wielded the Vulcan Axe effectively were Overlord Azurai, and Korzan himself. In battle, the flames of the Salamander would engulf the weapon, making it capable of melting both metal and rock in a matter of seconds.

Boreal Tempest Haile


Idle Attack

  • Hits/DC: 16/3
  • Cost: 42
  • Stats (L): 6774 HP / 2650 ATK / 2381 DEF / 2336 REC
  • Imps: 1100 HP / 440 ATK / 440 DEF / 440 REC
  • LS: +30% ATK/DEF/REC, +25% HP, 50% BB Fill Rate, +25% HC/BC Drop, +150% BB Mod
  • ES: +20% All Stats, 8 BC when attacking
  • BB: Cost: 30BC/18DC - 18 Hit 290% AoE (ATK+100), 3 turns +6 BC/turn, 3 turns +130% ATK/DEF/REC, 3 turns +50% BB Fill Rate
  • SBB: Cost: 26BC/20DC - 20 Hit 540% AoE (ATK+100), +8 BC, 3 turns +200% BB Mod, 50% Chance for 1 turn -50% ATK/DEF
  • UBB: Cost: 25BC/22DC - 22 Hit 1200% AoE (ATK+100), 3 turns +50 BC/turn, 3 turns +200% ATK/DEF/REC, 2 turns +500% BB Mod
  • Arena Type: 2
  • Evo Mat: (Miracle Totem, Water Totem, 2x Dragon Mimic, Water Bulb) -> (Water Mecha God, 2x Miracle Totem, Metal Mimic, Water Bulb)
  • Lore: A renegade Deva battlemage from the world of Eneroth. After her defeat at the hands of the Destroyer, Haile was rescued by a band of Morokai hunters. She was surprised to discover that there were Deva living among them, and not as slaves, but as equals. Raised to fear the Morokai as the mortal enemies of the Deva, Haile was initially wary of those around her. However, the secluded lifestyle she had experienced behind the confines of the city walls made her encounter with the Morokai pique her curiosity. Choosing to seek a deeper understanding of the Morokai as she had once done to unravel the mysteries of magic, Haile came to embrace a different set of ideals and way of life. While her temperament remained unchanged, she now used her abilities to protect her new ideals and to save others from becoming mere casualties of war, regardless of their origins. Now known as the renegade “Ardent Ice Queen,” Haile continued to disrupt the war efforts of both nations, hoping that her actions would help usher in a new era of peace.
  • ES Sphere: Glacies Staff - Status Boost - +20% All Stats, 5-10% Reduced BB BC Use, +100% BB Mod
    • Sphere Lore: The Glacies Staff used by Haile has been heavily modified to suit her aggressive style of combat. The staff is forged entirely from mithril, an extremely durable but lightweight material found only within the mountain mines of Myrranthia. The crystal lacrima embedded into the staff is said to be the frozen tear of a legendary Ice Serpent, an incredibly rare resource that provides un-paralleled efficacy when channeling magic. In the hands of a novice the staff would rapidly deplete its bearer’s mana, possibly killing them in the process. However, in the right hands it is capable of greatly reducing the casting time of spells while simultaneously magnifying its owner’s powers.


Mithril Orihalcum Fury of the Destroyer Scorn of the Ice Queen Item Item Item Item


Portrait Portrait Portrait Portrait Portrait Portrait Portrait Portrait Portrait


Raid Map

Boss Shadows

Shadow Shadow Shadow



  • Of Wings and Horns
    • Mission orders from Tilith: Find a way home. It looks like you’ll be here for a while. I’ll look for a way to get you back home. Meanwhile you can make some friends! I saw a friendly looking man with pink hair just behind the forest, go say hello!
    • Target: Korzan
    • Min 4 medals
  • Inner Daemons (Complete Of Wings and Horns)
    • Mission orders from Korzan: Find and retrieve the battlemage’s staff. I’ve been out longer than expected so I need to head back. Make sure everything is okay. I was out looking for my companion’s staff. She lost it while tracking a beast that has been causing a ruckus lately. Get it back for me and we’ll see about getting you home.
    • Target: Van Lucy and Van Nader
    • Min 4 medals
  • Crowd Control (Complete Inner Daemons)
    • Mission orders from Korzan: Quell the restless Eidolons of the forest. Good work on finding the staff. I’ll get it back to the owner before she blows her top off on me again. Whatever’s been causing a stink has the whole forest riled up. Once peaceful eidolons are behaving oddly and even attacking people! I need you to go out there and paint the floor red!
    • Target: Laguna and others
    • Min 7 medals


  • White Rabbit (Complete Crowd Control)
    • Mission orders from Korzan: Defeat Lesnik. The Lesnik is near. Every night we can hear its howls, driving the local eidolons into a frenzy. It’s angry and it doesn’t seem like it’s going away anytime soon. My scouts have discovered its location around the caves. They’ve got the entrances covered so now’s the time to get rid of it.
    • Target: Lesnik
    • Min 7 medals
  • Hot and Hotter (Complete White Rabbit)
    • Mission orders from Korzan: Find the battlemage and bring her back. That didn’t go as expected. This creature is clearly holding some kind of grudge against us. My companion, Haile, is going to the shrine to commune with the eidolons in an attempt to appease them. But I just received reports of Deva royal army troops in the area. She’s capable of taking care of herself but something doesn’t feel right. It’s probably nothing but go back her up, will ya?
    • Target: Balmedia and Haile
    • Min 5 medals
  • Dazzle in the Dark (Complete Hot and Hotter)
    • Mission orders from Concerned Mom: Search for my daughter! My daughter loves going into the forest to play with the eidolons. Even with the eidolons all worked up she still finds a way to slip out! Please find her for me! Who knows what she troubles she must be getting into!
    • Target: Nalda Delia and others
    • Min 5 medals


  • Queen for a Day (Complete Dazzle in the Dark)
    • Mission orders from Haile: Defend the keep. That Deva squad that you routed is back, most likely still in pursuit of me. This time they sent eidolons of their own to do their dirty work. Take care of them before they reach the keep and harm more people.
    • Target: Grudkia and others
    • Min 9 medals
  • The Coin Toss (Complete Queen for a Day)
    • Mission orders from Haile: Finish the Lesnik. The danged thing won’t let up! The keep’s walls won’t last long with the Lesnik constantly sending in attacks day and night. We have to send a surgical strike force to take it down before we lose it all. Korzan and I are busy directing the defence troops here and there’s no one left as capable except for you so you’re it. I’m taking a risk on you here. If you fail, our keep and everyone will be in peril.
    • Target: Jirayen and others
    • Min 9 medals


: A few hours before…

Elise: PLAYER_NAME! Sorry to have kept you waiting!

Elise: Your mission application has been approved!

Elise: I hope you have completed your own preparations?

Elise: Oh! Before I forget, there is something very important I must inform you about.

Elise: Ever since Lucius was defeated and Lady Tilith took over as Goddess of the Gate

Elise: complaints have been pouring in from many Summoners.

Elise: According to these complaints, Summoners have been transported to locations that are not of their choosing.

Elise: For example, if you were to travel to Amdahl, you may find yourself transported to Encervis instead.

Elise: Some of the more uncommon complaints tell of transportation to a completely different continent altogether!

Elise: So far, all Summoners proceeding through the gate have been accounted for. That’s good news, isn’t it?

Elise: I’m sure Lady Tilith will get the hang of it soon,

Elise: so we should have nothing to worry about!

Elise: Why do you look so worried? Please have faith in Lady Tilith! She has never let us down!

Elise: I’m sure you will be alright PLAYER_NAME!

Elise: That said, please take care of yourself when you’re out there!

Korzan: Well fought, stranger!

Korzan: Hmm.. You don’t have the horns of a Morokai and you certainly don’t resemble the Deva at all.

Korzan: I wonder… where are you from?

Korzan: El Gaia?? I’ve never heard of this place.

Korzan: What?! A gate?

Korzan: That sounds like a shaman’s fever dream..

Korzan: That look in your eyes, you truly believe what you’re saying don’t you?

Korzan: What is your name, stranger?

Korzan: You’re a long ways away from home then, PLAYER_NAME.

Korzan: I am Korzan of the Morokai, the Destroyer from the Baldemar Badlands!

Korzan: Tell you what, if you help me out with a little errand of mine, I know of someone who might be able to help you get home..

Korzan: Good work on driving that Eidolon away, hopefully the forest will calm down now.

Korzan: I know I promised to help you get back home but there are more important issues to deal with before that can happen.

Lesnik: Hooooooowl!!!

Korzan: What?! The Lesnik came back?

Korzan: Perhaps it isn’t aware just who the prey is!

Korzan: You must find Haile quickly.

Korzan: Without her staff, she’s just another useless peasant who cannot fend for herself.

Haile: To think the Imperial Scouts had someone this capable…

Haile: I’m just getting started however!

Haile: How are you controlling the Eidolons! Tell me no-

Korzan: Haile! Stop attacking!

Korzan: That person is not the enemy!

Haile: What?!

Korzan: You heard me. Take a good look.

Korzan: That stranger’s name is PLAYER_NAME. Claims to have come from another world.

Korzan: It was I who requested for PLAYER_NAME to take care of the Lesnik.

Haile: Well that failed miserably didn’t it? Otherwise the Imperial Scouts wouldn’t have had an opening to attack.

Haile: Are you certain this PLAYER_NAME is not one of them?

Korzan: Bah! Questions, questions, questions!

Korzan: Listen! I came to bring the both of you back. Those annoying scouts may be preparing for an attack on the keep.

Korzan: Those annoying scouts may be preparing for an attack on the keep

Korzan: And I’d rather be there to keep it intact! Or else Avani’s going to find another reason to nag at me.

Haile: …… The name’s Haile.

Haile: For a strange one with neither horns nor wings, you fight pretty well.

Haile: Korzan, are the Imperial Scouts really intent on finding us?

Korzan: If you haven’t realized it yet missy, you and your fellow brethren have been marked as traitors!

Korzan: Need another reason as to why they would want our heads?

Korzan: The Eidolons have been whipped up into a frenzy by them and that Lesnik.

Korzan: Seeing how weak they are, I believe they plan to use them to attack us instead.

Haile: Speaking of the Lesnik, while I was communing with the Eidolons, I could hear its tormented cry.

Haile: I feel a darkness and it is causing it tremendous pain.. Consuming and prodding it.

Haile: As you say then, we had best return to the keep quickly.

Korzan: Begone, you foul creature!

Lesnik: ARH-OOOOOOO!!!

Haile: Goodness… Not so…tough anymore…eh?

Haile: This time, stay down and don’t ever get back up!

Korzan: HA HA HA HA!

Korzan: Now THAT was a fight!

Korzan: However, if it hadn’t run all over the forest like a coward, its death would have been a lot more…

Korzan: …painless!

Haile: Shut it, Korzan!

Haile: If YOU had not wasted our time fooling around with it so much, we would’ve killed it long before that!

Korzan: What!? Well, would you care to remind me who was it that lost her precious little staff in the first place?

Haile: Hey! That was because…

Korzan: Ah! And do refresh my memory regarding who got herself captured by a group of Imperial Scouts!

Haile: You insensitive brute…

Korzan: Wha–?!

Korzan: Argh! Whatever!

Korzan: The beast is dead, and you still have your pretty little head.

Korzan: But where are those fools?! They should have been back here three days ago!

Korzan: Grumbles

Korzan: PLAYER_NAME! Keep an eye on her, will you?

Korzan: This lousy keep shall be our home for quite a while.

Korzan: I’ll need to assess the damages done to this wretched place.

Korzan: I’ve had enough of those vermin crawling in!

Haile: He he! My wounded puppy look works every time!

Haile: Korzan always acts tough, but he’s softer than he lets on.

Haile: Though what he says is true. It is frustrating being protected all the time.

Haile: I must grow stronger, for everyone’s sake.

Haile: PLAYER_NAME, I can’t help but feeling that you’re the type of person who is always stuck in some sort of predicament.

Haile: You were thrown into a different world and dragged into a problem which was of no concern to you.

Haile: And yet, had it had been anyone else, they might’ve been dead by now.

Haile: Hmm? Are you not pleased with my compliment?

Haile: You should be honored!

Haile: He he. At ease, Summoner!

Haile: It was only a joke.

Haile: You have my gratitude, PLAYER_NAME.

Haile: I am pretty sure the others would love to meet you as well, especially Ezra!

Haile: But you must be wanting to return home to Elgaia.

Haile: Please, do tell me how I can be of any assistance.

Haile: And spare not the details, I wish to hear it all!

Haile: Really? To have defeated the almighty god who governs the gate across worlds…

Haile: Are you really who you claim to be? Just PLAYER_NAME the Summoner?

Haile: Well, nevertheless, that was quite the fascinating tale!

Haile: Perhaps too fascinating to believe, even…

Haile: But who am I to question your story? You are obviously not from this world of ours.

Haile: Anyway, if what you say is true, I might be able to help you find a way back after all.

Haile: Actually, I sensed a great disturbance in the flow of mana during the time of your arrival.

Haile: It was as if a great power was channeling all the mana within the forest into a single point.

Haile: Remember the shrine in the middle of the lake?

Haile: That is the site where mana gathers thickest.

Haile: While I certainly do not have the same ability your Goddess has, I may be able to guide her towards you.

Haile: I have reason to believe that a source similar to the mana of this world is used in your world too.

Haile: For your sake, I hope that I am correct.

Korzan: Grumbles

Korzan: Still here PLAYER_NAME? Could it be that Haile was unable to send you back to…wherever it was you came from?

Korzan: Well, things may not be as bad as they seem! You could stay here with me, if you wish. I could use a competent sparring partner!

Haile: Not to worry. I do have a way of sending PLAYER_NAME back to Elgaia…

Haile: …and I’m just about to begin preparations!

Haile: So go mend the walls or something! Make yourself useful!

Haile: PLAYER_NAME, meet me at the shrine when you’re ready to return to your world.

Korzan: Hmph…

Korzan: I won’t say this twice, so listen carefully.

Korzan: You have my thanks.

Korzan: For saving me a great deal of trouble… and for saving that foolish girl as well.

Korzan: But best be on your way now, eh?

Korzan: And now that you know of our world, why not come back sometime?

Korzan: I’ll be looking forward to a rematch!


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