29 September 2015

I’m currently in the process of moving to the UK to start university, so I will not be around for maintanence to end (and therefore the info in this post may be incorrect) and for many days after that.

Official changelog can be found here.

This is pre-release data, data subject to change.


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Alternate Art

Alternate art is now implemented for Michele, Quaid, Sefia, Feeva and Alice.

Challenge Arena

CA Banner

UI elements have been added.

Building on info over here:

Rainbow Coin Gold Coin Silver Coin Healing Item Revive Item

  • Rainbow coins are used to summon units, gold and silver coins are used to buy items from the store (such as the heal/revive items).
  • There will be battle rules (like random rules?), brave bonuses, and a first attempt bonus.
  • When building teams, you will have to put reserves.

Practice Mode

Various bits of text have been added.


Various bits of text have been added.