30 April 2015

X1 missions available in RC1/RC2 now. 4 missions are available at the moment.

Pursuer of the Gods

When the gods commenced their attack, King Radmuhl of Elysia was torn between putting up a fight or abandoning his kingdom. As the La Veda Republic fell to the power of the gods, unwilling to leave his throne, the king ordered his finest knight Xenon, to take his daughter to safety.

Relics (Evo mats for Elaina/Grandt) drop from the missions.

  • RC1 - Kingdom on Fire - Edelma
  • RC1 - Trial by Combat - Dalmogia - 3x Burst Frogs
  • RC2 - God, Demon or Machine? - Van Lucy (Grandt 5* > 6*)
  • RC2 - Sweet Doppelganger - Edelma, Granomus, Bruzebia - Gem + Power Imp + Guard Imp